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Life Cycle: production


4G LTE Router & Gateway

for EMEA & LATAM region

Technical description

As a standard, the SmartStart router is equipped with one Ethernet 10/100 Mbps, one serial interface RS232, one binary input and one output. SL304 also contains two readers for 3 V and 1.8 V SIM cards, which are placed on the rear panel of the device. The router can be equipped with a WiFi module, but this must be part of the initial configuration – it cannot be added to the router at some point in the future. The SmartStart router is supplied in a plastic casing.

Documents to download

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v 6.1.5 (03.01.2018) | Subscribe to notification

Firmware_Distribution_Overview_20180212.pdf | 379 KB | FW Overview (English)

Release_Notes_6.1.5.pdf | 791 KB | FW Release Notes (English)

spectre_v3l_lte.tar.gz | 12 MB

v 6.1.4 (25.09.2017) | Subscribe to notification

Firmware Distribution Overview_20170927.pdf | 379 KB | FW Overview (English)

Release_Notes_6.1.4.pdf | 811 KB | FW Release Notes (English)

SPECTRE-v3L-LTE.tar.gz | 12 MB

v 6.1.3 (09.08.2017) | Subscribe to notification

Firmware Distribution Overview_20170810.pdf | 378 KB | FW Overview (English)

Release_Notes_6.1.3.pdf | 778 KB | FW Release Notes (English)

SPECTRE-v3L-LTE.tar.gz | 23 MB

v 1.0.0 (15.02.2018) | Subscribe to notification

OpenVPN_tunnel_20180223.pdf | 4 MB (English)